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Effortless Kitchen Faucet Upgrade: 360° Rotating Extender with Triple Functionality.

Effortless Kitchen Faucet Upgrade: 360° Rotating Extender with Triple Functionality.

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Introducing the Kitchen Faucet Extender – the game-changer for your kitchen hygiene and convenience. This extraordinary innovation offers a triumphant trifecta of features that will revolutionize your daily tasks.

Three-Position Perfection: With a three-position adjustment, this extender adapts to your needs. From strong scraping to precision washing and a 360° rotating foamer, it's your versatile partner for a variety of kitchen tasks. No more struggling with inadequate tools; this extender is your ultimate solution.

Strong Scraping Power: Say goodbye to stubborn, stuck-on residue. Our faucet extender's strong scraping function effortlessly tackles the toughest grime and food remnants, making your kitchen cleanup a breeze. Experience the satisfaction of sparkling cleanliness in seconds.

360° Rotating Foamer: For those moments when you need a foaming expert, the 360° rotating foamer steps in. Create rich, luscious foam with ease, perfect for dishwashing or handwashing, and transform your routine into a luxurious experience.

With this kitchen faucet extender, your daily kitchen and shower tasks will be nothing short of extraordinary. It's not just an accessory; it's a lifestyle upgrade that simplifies your life and elevates your kitchen game.

Experience the difference today. Upgrade your kitchen with the Kitchen Faucet Extender and redefine what's possible in your culinary world.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Faucet aerator is made of high quality Brass and ABS materials, which is durable and shiny like new.

3 FUNCTIONS: Kitchen faucet extender provides 3 functions; gentle water flow for daily use; medium pressure water flow for cleaning sinks; high pressure water flow is suitable for washing dishes, or rinsing stains.

DOUBLE ROTATING SHAFT: This swivel faucet attachment is designed with two independent axes of rotation, allowing it to rotate 720°, allowing you to easily clean any corner of the sink.

SAVE WATER: Rulsen faucet extender save up to 70% water compared to the traditional one. Our faucet aerator has a built-in honeycomb foaming core, which mixes water well with air, making the water flow smooth, soft to the touch, and eliminating splashes. The addition of air improves the efficiency of water use, thereby saving water.

GENERIC: The universal faucet extender is easy to install. It's suitable for use with FM22 male faucets and can also be connected to FM24 female faucets via the supplied adapter. If the rotating shaft on the top is removed, the aerator can be connected to pull-out faucets.

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